Alice Anderson | WORDS
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MAGAZINE – CENTRE POMPIDOU English Version, Exhibitions, Sabine Mirlesse, 2020

TL MAGAZINE, Contemporary Weaving, Blaire Dessent, 2021

MAGAZINE – CENTRE POMPIDOU French version, Expositions, Sabine Mirlesse, 2020

THE ART NEWSPAPER, Anderson chez Calder, Stéphane Renault, 2020

ROVEN MAGAZINE, Alice Anderson, Sound Paintings, Johanna Carrier, 2020

ARTPRESS, Anderson mémorise Calder, Annabelle Gugnon, 2019

LE MAG, Alice Anderson danse avec ses oeuvres, Philippe Guilbert, 2019

FAD MAGAZINE, Body Disruptions, Mark Westall, 2019

EVENING STANDARD, Installations&Performances, Kate Gordon, 2019

ART PROCESS MAGAZINE, Body Disruptions, Eduardo Alvarez, 2019

CONNAISSANCE DES ARTS, Dans les Espaces Sacrés d’Alice Anderson, Valérie de Maulmin, 2019

METAL MAGAZINE, Mary Chamberlain Harlan, 2018

ELEPHANT MAGAZINE, David Plas, Spiritual Machines, Spring Issue, 2018

ANDY WARHOL’S INTERVIEW MAG, Best Shows, Jane Gayduk, 2018

ART TERRITORY, Highlights, Auguste Petre, 2018

WALLPAPER MAGAZINE, Anderson’s connexions, Rosa Bertoli, 2018

BEAUX-ARTS MAG, Spécial Belgique, Emmanuelle Lequeux, 2018

TL MAGAZINE, Alice Anderson’s Spiritual Machines, R. Messina, 2018

BRUSSELS LIFE, Alice Anderson à la Patinoire Royale, B. News, 2018

GLASS MAGAZINE, A.Anderson Between Surfaces, Allie Nawrat, 2017

MONOCLE MAGAZINE, Unit 9 presents Alice Anderson, Minute, 2017


THE GUARDIAN, Anderson at the Wellcome Collection, Jonathan Jones, 2015

BBC RADIO- Sat Critics, Live performances at the Wellcome Collection, 2015

THE OBSERVER, Alice Anderson, Laura Cumming, 2015

LE BEAU VICE, Alice Anderson : Enrouler le Temps, Elisabeth Lebovici, 2015

BBC 4 – COLLIDING WORLDS, Hans Ulrich Obrist & Martin Rees, 2014

APOLLO International Art Mag, Art on the mind, Beverley Knowles, 2014

LE TEMPS, Les locataires de printemps, Elisabeth Chardon, 2014

XOXO THE MAGAZINE – TURKEY, Alice Anderson, Merve Unsal, 2013

RADIO SUISSE ROMANDE, Performing Life, Martine Baguin, 2013

L’EST REPUBLICAIN, Art Vivant à Malbuisson, Didier Fohr, 2013

STATE, Alice Anderson : 365 days, Michaela Freeman, 2012

AESTHETICA, Alice Anderson: Dance and Sculpture, Laura Barr, 2012

ART PRESS, Alice Anderson au Musée Freud, Barry Schwabsky, 2012

THE INDEPENDENT, Tressed for Success, Alice Jones, 2011

ART + MUSIC, Bound, Natasha Hoare, 2011

DAZED AND CONFUSED, A 181 Km Walk, William Bare, 2011

TIMES, Alice Anderson at the Freud Museum, 2011

ARTLUK, Museum Journal, Freud Museum, Monika Kedziora, 2011

HARPERS BAZAAR, Wonder Worlds, Skye Sherwin, 2011

TIME OUT, Artist’Studio, Helen Sumpter, 2011

TIME OUT LONDON, critic choices, Feud Museum, 2011

NOW NEW YORK, Alice Anderson – Louise Bourgeois, Sarah Kent, 2010

SACRED GESTURES IN DATA WORLDS, Marie Maertens, Galerie Valerie Bach, 2019
BODY DISRUPTIONS, Rose Lejeune, Annabelle Gugnon, Waddington Custot, 2019
THE TECHNOLOGIES OF THE TANGIBLE, Max Carocci, Waddington Custot, 2019
SPIRITUAL MACHINES & BODY ITINERARIES, Annabelle Gugnon, La Patinoire Royale, 2018
POST-DIGITAL, Paul Carey-Kent, Union, 2017
DATA SPACE, Olivier Lussac, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton Paris, 2015
THE ART OF MEMORY, Kate Forde, Wellcome Collection, 2015
THE SCIENCE OF PERCEPTION, Israel Rosenfield, Wellcome Collection, 2015