Alice Anderson | WORDS
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LES ESPRITS CUIVRE, Annabelle Gugnon, La Patinoire Royale, 2018

WEAVING LIFEAnnabelle Gugnon, La Patinoire Royale, 2018

POST DIGITAL, Paul Carey-Kent, 2016


THE GUARDIAN , Jonathan Jones, 2015

ARTPRESS, Alice Anderson by Annabelle Gugnon, October 2015

ARTDESK, Sarah Kent, 2016

TIME CAPSULES, Joanna S. Walker, 2016

BBC / SATURDAY CRITICS (Starts at 10min 50 sec), 2015

THE OBSERVER, Laura Cumming, 2015

RECORDING THE PRESENT, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton Paris by J. de Gonet, 2015

NOTES ON SCULPTURES, Olivier Lussac, 2015

THE ART OF MEMORY, Wellcome Collection by Kate Forde, 2015

ENREGISTRER LE PRÉSENT, Juliette de Gonet, 2015

THE SCIENCE OF PERCEPTION, by Israel Rosenfield, 2015


DEMATERIALIZED, by T.J. Stokmans, 2014


COLLIDING WORLDS, Hans Ulrich Obrist & Martin Rees, 2014

APOLLO International Art Magazine, Art on The Mind by Beverley Knowles, 2014

XOXO THE MAGAZINE – TURKEY, Alice Anderson by Merve Unsal

ULTRA-EXTRA MAGAZINE, Mummified Objects and Architectures of Alice Anderson by Erin Joyce, 2013

LE TEMPS, Les locataires de printemps, by Elisabeth Chardon, 2013

RADIO SUISSE ROMANDE, Performing Life by Martine Baguin

PERSONAL STRUCTURES: 55th Venice Biennale, by Darian Leader, 2013

L’EST REPUBLICÀIN, Art Vivant à Malbuisson, by Didier Fohr, 2013

CATALOGUE, From Dance To Sculpture, By James Putnam, 2012

CULTURE 24/7, Art in London Frieze week, by Mark Sheerin, 2012

STATE, 365 days, by Michaela Freeman, 2012

AESTHETICA, Alice Anderson: From Dance To Sculpture, by Laura Barr, 2012

ART PRESS, Alice Anderson au Musee Freud, Barry Schwabsky, 2012

THE INDEPENDENT, Tressed for success, by Alice Jones, 2011

ART + MUSIC, Bound at All Visual Arts, Natasha Hoare, 2011

ARTS DESK, Alice Anderson at the Freud Museum, by Fisun Güner, 2011

THE OBSERVER, International Edition, by Imogen Carter, 2011

AESTHETICA, Bound, by Ruby Beesley, 2011

DAZED AND CONFUSED, Bound, by Natasha Hoare, 2011

GUARDIAN, Alice Anderson London, 2011

TIMES, Alice Anderson, the Freud Museum, 2011

ARTLUK, Museum Journal, Freud Museum, by Monika Kedziora

CATALOGUE, Freud Museum, by Griselda Pollock, Joanna Walker, Catherine Grenier, 2011

HARPERS BAZAAR, Wonder Worlds, by Skye Sherwin, 2010

TIME OUT, Artist’Studio, by Helen Sumpter, 2010

NOW NEW YORK, Alice Anderson – Louise Bourgeois, by Sarah Kent, 2010

THE TIMES, Buy me, by Darwent May, 2010

VOGUE, Time Reversal, by Charlotte Sinclair, 2010

TIME OUT LONDON, critic choices, 2010

CATALOGUE, 15 Minute Interview, by Maud Jacquin, 2010

CATALOGUE, The Dolls’ Day, by Louise Gray, 2010

LONDON EVENING STANDARD, Alice and Her Looking Glass, by Ben Lewis 2009

THE INDEPENDENT, Who’s in the Coffin, Alice? by Stuart Husband, 2009

THE OBSERVER, The Dolls Day, 2009

FLASH ART, Alice Anderson, by Greg Montreuil, 2008

BEAUX-ARTS MAGAZINE, Il etait une fois, 2008

02 MAGAZINE, ‘Alice Anderson’, by Patrice Joly, 2008

L’HUMANITE, ‘Alice Anderson remet en jeu le recit’, Lise Guéhenneux, 2008

METRO, Tate’s art in a tin caravan, Fisun Guner, 2008

ART PRESS MAGAZINE, Alice au pays d’Anderson, by Jason Farago, 2008

LIBERATION, Alice 2, by Gerard Lefort, 2008

ART PRESS MAGAZINE, Alice Anderson, by Carole Boulbes, 2008

LE MONDE, L’art vidéo s’interroge sur l’identité, 2008

CATALOGUE Alice Anderson, ‘The woman who’ by Elisabeth Lebovici, 2007

BEAUX-ARTS MAGAZINE HORS SERIE, Alice Anderson, Malika Bauwens, 2007

PARISART, Alice Anderson, by sabelle Soubaigné, 2007

CATALOGUE Alice Anderson, ‘The woman of wonders’ by Christine Macel, 2003

ALICE ANDERSON / POST-DIGITAL, text by Paul Carey-Kent, 2017
ALICE ANDERSON / DATA, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Interview by Juliette de Gonet, text by Olivier Lussac, 2015

ALICE ANDERSON / MEMORY MOVEMENT MEMORY OBJECTS, Wellcome Collection, Essays by Kate Forde and Israel Rosenfield, 2015